We thought we’d spend some time showcasing our fantastic ranges and first up is the stunning Tokyo Design range – a fabulous collection of contemporary and Asian inspired tableware.

Founded in 2010 Tokyo Design Studio creates high quality tableware inspired by both Japanese tradition and the eclectic international lifestyle of modern day Tokyo.

Almost all of their products are traditionally produced in Japan and feature distinct colour combinations.

With design teams located in both The Netherlands and Japan they aim to create a unique and constantly evolving signature where East meets West and tradition meets the new. Respecting centuries of porcelain and pottery heritage, they constantly look for unexpected perspectives that help create the tableware of today and tomorrow.

nippon black 

Nippon Black combines the best of two worlds. The elegant shapes, decors and high quality porcelain are traditional Asian, while the clean black-and-white is inspired by the minimalism of contemporary Scandinavian design. With a host of different decors to combine and play with, they add a subtle surprising touch to any interior style.


This vintage Japanese Arare teapot by Tokyo Design Studio is made the traditional way from cast iron.  This teapot can also act as a kettle and would be a perfect gift for a discerning tea lover.

This style of teapot is very famous in Japan and appears in many stories dating back to the 17th century. when cast iron tea pots were placed over an open charcoal fire to keep water warm, which was believed to slowly release iron into the water, providing drinkers with a dietary source. This, combined with sophisticated intricate designs, led to huge popularity - popularity which remains to this very day.

bleu de nimes

Break the traditions of table setting by mixing the funky designs of Le Bleu de Nîmes. Each unique pattern in trendy dark blue is a mini piece of art: some are based on traditional Japanese themes such as stylized leaves, waves and fish bones, others are newly designed according to the latest trends 

This is just a little taster, there are so much to choose from.  See more of the range here