We are delighted to be stocking the most beautiful scarves just in from Pip Studio.  In either 100% silk or wool, they feature stunning designs and are sure to compliment any outfit.  With so many ways to wear the scarves, we thought we’d look at a few different ways to style them!

 pip studio big dot green


  • Fold scarf in half
  • Tie both ends in to small knots
  • Open scarf in to a ring shaped circle
  • Put scarf over head with knotted ends at back
  • Twist scarf in back of neck
  • Flip knotted end over head and pull neck material out away from neck
  • Pull one knotted end up between neck and material
  • Fold over the top of scarf and fluff



  1. Fold scarf in half
  2. Drape around neck with looped end on one shoulder
  3. Pull one side under through loop
  4. Pull second side over and through loop
  5. Tighten and fluff

 chic bunny


  1. Fold the scarf in to a triangle and roll it up
  2. Drape the scarf behind your neck
  3. Loop in once around your neck
  4. Pull one end through the loop
  5. Tie the ends together
  6. Adjust so the knot is hidden



  1. Make one side of the scarf longer than the other.  Make the bow with the long side.
  2. Make a loop hiding the end.  The loop you make in an upward movement NOT a downward.
  3. Make a bow by holding it in the middle.
  4. Take the shorter side of the scarf and wrap around the bow.
  5. Bring the end of the shorter side of the scarf around the bow and through the middle.  When the scarf comes out on the other side pull it to make it tighter and arrange the bow til you’re happy with it.
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