Who doesn’t love a nice clean interior?  It brightens up the darkest room and who knows this better than the stylish Scandinavians!  Whilst they have pretty much unlimitless sunshine in the summer, they have to deal with dark winters so they do everything they can to maximise a bright home.  But they’re experts in doing so in a super cosy way!

Here are 10 ways to get the Scandi look in your home:-

WHITE AND NATURAL TONES bounce light all around for a calm cool contemporary look.

WOODEN FLOORS, natural and warm, wooden floors are the perfect backdrop to this style of interior. 

white wood floor
USE LIGHTING to combat the dark winter days.  Copper pendants again reflect light whilst candle light is a must have!
MIX UP YOUR CHAIRS in the Dining room for an eclectic interesting look
copper light chair mix 
FRESH FLOWERS AND PLANTS bring the outside in, whether its cut flowers or luscious green plants dotted around
BRIGHT ACCESSORIES from rugs to cushions to add a pop of colour.  Marimekko designs are a real scandi design classic featuring cool florals that represent the start of Spring – a big deal in that part of the world. 
flowers marimekko
FUR RUGS add a cosy touch to any room.  Drape over chairs or lay on the bed for a different look.
REDUCE THE CLUTTER if you want to pull off this look.  Keep rooms minimal and showcase just a few important pieces. 
fur clutter free
SIMPLE CLEANLY DESIGNED FURNITURE.  Mixing old and new is a key trend and mid century designs are perfect for this look.
COOL GREY AND BLUE is perfect if you don’t want to go down the traditional white route, then cool greys and blues are also perfect for this style.
blue grey modern mid century
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fur cabinet tray with rope
copper lantern chair