Although we’re heading in to the warmer months where we’ll be spending more time outside, we do spend a great deal of time in our homes and house plants can really help filtrate the air and even better, make you feel closer to nature when you’re stuck indoors!


Massively on trend, having plants in the home is very de rigueur and a cool way of updating your home.  But whilst they look fantastic, did you know that they have even greater benefits that just sitting there looking pretty!

So, here are 3 fabulous reasons to go green!

Chill - Studies have shown that looking at plants really helps boost healing.  The thought is that looking at plants helped psychological responses like lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety which can only be a good thing!

Breath - Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, these little beauties mean they’re the perfect partners to us humans.  NASA has done loads of research on the benefits of plants in living spaces and they really are worth their weight in gold.  And after all they’re the experts, right!

Think – Finally, studies have proven that having plants help promote concentration, memory and productivity.   

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If you’re like us, then you know it’s important to get plants that are easy to look after (to try and give them a cat in hells chance of surviving), so why not try the mighty rubber tree, aloe vera, English ivy or the dieffenbachia.  All have different looks.  All easy to look after!  Perfect!


If it was possible to make the plants look even better that they already do, here at Bell and Blue we have loads of cool planters  to show your plants off!  Check them out here