Our thoughts are turning to Summer holidays.  Dreams of cosy cottages close to the sea.  Whitewashed walls and natural materials.  And we’ve been thinking about how we could bring some of these elements to our own homes to get the holiday feel - year round.

This simple White Wooden Frame Mirror will add a shabby chic and vintage look to any room. This will look great in any bathroom, hallway or bedroom.  With a worn whitewashed look, this epitomises this look!


This stunning wooden pearl chandelier from Nordal  will surely become a talking point!  Quirky and interesting, it will add a touch of elegance to your home. 


The raging sea comes to life in this bedding from Essenza’s Contemporary Nature collection. All shades of blue enchantingly come together over a white background to look like the sea at its moodiest!


Beautiful and functional, the Double White Countryside Cabinet from Nordal is made from elm wood and would be a stylish addition to any room. Designed to look distressed, this cabinet would look fabulous in any want to be seaside hideaway!


Finally, the kitchen surely has to be the heart of the home if you are aspiring to this look.  These gorgeous Nordal chairs bring some countryside style into your home with this stunning cross back design. Painted in a stabby chic style and with a hessian covered seat – perfect!!


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