Take a look at this beautiful and unique piece of furniture from Nordal. Made to look like a vintage pharmacy display cabinet, this chest of drawers made out of rustic pine wood is truly multi functional due to the rare design with glass sides. It can be placed on many angles. From one side it looks like a wooden chest of drawers, from the other a display cabinet. We would like to give you some inspiration on how to use this chest of drawers, in every room of your home.

In the kitchen use the chest of drawers to store your tableware. It’s always a good idea to have easy access to items you use daily. Also, plates, bowls and cups etc are often decorative and it’s a shame to hide them away in your cupboards. This way your tableware will be a part of your decor, maybe together with some table cloths, cutlery and napkins.

Another perfect use for this versatile piece of furniture is in your home office, or maybe your living room. Use it as an administrative archive, or for storing and displaying books or glossy magazines. It is easy to get an overview of the content through the glass sides, and if you need to you can attach small tags to the handles of the drawers to mark them up.

We also had the idea of placing this chest of drawers in the bedroom, to store and display clothes. There are enough drawers for keeping both tops, underwear, socks, scarves, ties and other items in it; and you can place your perfumes, jewellery storage and make-up on top of the chest-of-drawers for easy access.

Such a beautiful, versatile piece of furniture!  We just love it here at Bell and Blue!

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Source Nordal.eu