So you’re sick of your home looking the same as everyone else’s? You crave an exciting and invigorating home!  Something that little bit different! Why not try a modern bohemian look. Often thought of as a tinsy bit eccentric, this exotic look really packs a punch!  But,where to start...

To pull of this laid back look, there are a few rules that apply (even though it looks as if all rules are thrown out of the window!).

Rugs – Layering rugs is a key must do when creating the boho look.  Keep the walls plain to show off the bright colours in the rugs.

Tie dye - has grown up, muted in soft greys, this bedding shows off the modern bohemian look to a tee.  And check out that chair! For one similar - check out our website HERE.

rug tie dye

Plants – plants everywhere.  Work on your green fingers and have them in cool pots or hang them from boho inspired crochet and macramé hangers. 

Low bed – scrap the divan and keep your mattress low if you want to pull of this look in the bedroom.

plants bed

 Patterns – mix them up.  The more contrasting the better!

Re-love – old pieces of furniture, keeping your look individual and unique and those pennies in your pocket!

pattern relove

Accessorise – think of the Turkish look – pouffes, lanterns and ottomans – will complete the look.

And finally, Relax – in a cool hammock chair – the perfect spot to peruse your super cool bo ho chic home!

lantern chair

Our Nordal range offers a variety of pieces that fit in perfectly with this look.  Whether it’s our Chindi Fabric Armchair and Footstool, or our Contemporary lanterns, we have just the thing to perfect this look!  Check out the range HERE.

chairlanternelephantleather chair


Photos courtesy of Pinterest.