Hygge is so last season!  Lagom is the new kid on the block! Pronounced la (as in far)-gom, it means not too little and not too much, all you need to do is channel your inner Goldilocks!


Derived from ‘laget om’ meaning ‘around the team’ this is a phrase that the Vikings would have used when passing their horn of mead around.  Everyone will have received their fair share – ‘Lagom’ not too little and not too much – enough for everyone!  Nice hey!

Where hygge was more like a feeling – think cosy and comfortable, Lagom is simply a lovely way of life.  Think of it touching every aspect of your life, how you live, finances, what you cook.  If you apply Lagom to your life, you will hopefully have struck the perfect life balance. 


So how does it work?  Here are some easy ways to apply Lagom in to your everyday life:-

Live harmoniously!  Recycle as much as you can.  Get rid of as much clutter as you can.  A clear house helps create a clear mind.

Think about what meals you are going to prepare that week and try and limit food waste as much as you can.

Switch to LED lights and cut your energy bills.  If you don’t need the light on, then turn it off!

Remember your bag for life when shopping – so much more stylish than a supermarket carrier bag.  Good for your pocket AND the environment!

Go for a walk in your lunch break.  Its a win/win.  Get healthier, switch off and get some vitamin D to boot!

Switch off from social media – take time to appreciate the peace and calm.  Use the time to think about what you’re grateful for.

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And why stop with Lagom -  embrace another Nordic tradition, Lördagsgodis.  Roughly translated, it means Saturday sweets!  This is where children of all ages spend their pocket money on a range of sweets to enjoy on that day!   This is one trend we’d definitely like to adopt here at Bell and Blue!

Adjö x