Well obviously that has to start with Pip Studio!  That’s a given, right!  With the newest range hitting our shores in the not too distant future, we thought we’d give you a little sneak peak at its loveliness at the same time!

table 1

Here at Bell and Blue, we thought we’d offer some tips to set the most beautiful table worthy of, well, Royalty even!

First up - get organised – choose a theme and colour that works with your decor and tableware.  The Pip Studio ranges incorporate lots of colours and so the world really is your oyster.  You could go simple with white table linen and greenery, or really maximise a mix and match theme with bright linens and a more colourful display.


Think about lighting.  What time are you setting it for – if daytime, try to set the table in as much sunlight as you can.  If it’s an evening meal, do you want a more subdued lighting for a more ambient feel?

Which nicely leads us on to candles.  Adding a gentle light and lovely warmth, dotting either a few candles here and there or a more striking candelabra in the centre will add the perfect feel to your dinner table.


What are you going to serve?  Soup? Appertisers? Dessert?  Knowing all of this will help you to set your table.  Do you need extra plates, bowls, cutlery?  Do you have enough serving utensils?

Is it a formal or informal gathering?  Will you dish the food up or choose to serve family style, placing platters of food on the table for passing. Do you have enough serving dishes if you choose this option?

Have a practise run well before hand to ensure that you have everything you need to wow your guests.  After all, you’ve gone to all of that trouble to cook them your signature dish!  Make sure your table does you proud!

table 2

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