One way to instantly transform a space is to make a beautiful display using frames.

We have some tips to make your home the most stylish it can be, using the simple frame.  Whether they're black, white, decorative or multi coloured - the choice is yours!  


Think of different ways to display your pictures. Don't just hang them on hooks.  Why not add some thin shelves to your walls, and lean a variety of pictures on the ledge instead.  

white frames

White frames look just as striking as black frames and often blend in letting the picture do all of the talking.  This image shows one black frame, just to mix things up a little bit.


Why not try a completely different way of displaying your pictures.  This fabulous lit display looks striking and makes a fantastic design feature.


How to display your little one's works of art is a tricky thing!  Making a feature wall with all of their designs makes a colourful statement, and shows your budding Picasso how proud you are of their masterpieces!

paper  frames

Want to know how all of your frames will look if you display lots of different sizes?  Mock up the wall with paper, the same dimensions as the frames, and hey presto! Remember, think first. Nail later! Easy!


Do you prefer order in your life?  If so, then don't shy away from multiple frames.  Just maybe select the same size and display them in a symmetrical way.  Super stylish!


And finally, who said that frames have to be purely for pictures?  Why not use your frame to frame something 3 dimensional, like these beautiful flowers! Gorgeous!