We are so excited!!  The latest Back to School range has arrived and it really is a thing of beauty.  Featuring sea side themes, the stationery is adorned with shells, seahorses, star fish, swimming ladies and ships to name a few.  The range is chocker block with gorgeous goodies, bags, notebooks, pencil cases and all individually designed the mix and match range compliments each other perfectly. There really is no excuse for not being organised next term!


Picture courtesy of Pip Studio Ltd

The bags come in different shapes and sizes.  Featuring unique repeating patterns in soft pastel colours with different imaginative prints, they have contrasting flaps and have a slightly reinforced and gentle back for ultimate comfort.  The range includes stylish back packs and functional bowling bag shapes.

pencil cases

Picture courtesy of Pip Studio Ltd

Two different sizes of pencil cases mean there is something for everyone.  Also suitable to be used as cosmetic bags, the large flat and smaller round pencil cases feature the little sea pattern and the simpler but still as stunning repeat seahorse pattern.

The notebooks take on a different look with the celebratory 10 year anniversary print.  Featuring birds, ships, flowers and shells, and the luxurious gold foil polka dot patterns and the ton-sûr-ton pink inners give the stationery an additional elegant twist.


Picture courtesy of Pip Studio Ltd

The super cute school labels ensure it will be a party to categorise your school work. The different cheerful Pip Studio prints on each label will make it easy to distinguish between subjects.  Little works of art in their own right, they feature iconic imagery and will cheer up any dull homework!

And last but not least, the school diary is a pure delight.  This eye-catching Pip Studio school diary has a soft, thick cover with a rich and narrative print of plants, animals and flowers, and has a rich gold foil print with polka dots. The diary covers a period of 12 months with one week every two pages and also features note pages, address pages and favourite pages. It also has a year planner and birthday calendar. All the pages boast several exciting and beautiful Pip Studio prints and come with a ribbon marker.  Simply gorgeous!


Picture courtesy of Pip Studio Ltd

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