Hygge  Hoo-gah (n)

The Danish word that cannot be translated in to a single word.  It refers  to a mental state of cosiness, conviviality, and togetherness in the heart of winter.

We’ve all gone slightly Hygge mad here at Bell and Blue.  Maybe its the chilly weather, or our amazing Nordic homewares and accessories from Nordal, but we’re really wanting to adopt this soothing trend.  Hygge - the art of creating intimacy.


Here are a few things you can do to embrace the Hygge culture:-

Relax with friends – being sociable and sharing a meal or drinks with friends and loved ones is one of the key elements to this movement.

Enjoying good food – hearty, healthy and warming foods are key, and don’t forget hot drinks including the infamous gløgg. (see below)

Cosy knits and warm furs are a strong look and practical too when the temperature drops.  Why not snuggle up with a good book.

Creating a cosy evening by lighting candles gives your home a magical glow.  Much softer than harsh lighting, it sets the scene perfectly.  Light the fire too, for extra warmth and an extra depth in lighting.

Surround yourself with things you love, whether it’s a beautiful china cup for you to have your first cup of tea, or a well worn comfy chair that you could never bare to part with.

Bring the outside in – blooms, willowy branches and berries make you feel as though you’re not missing out on nature.

However there is nothing better though to actually getting outside – layer up and embrace the cold,  Get some vitamin D whether that’s a walk in your lunch break or getting out for a longer walk at the weekend. 

Embrace kinship and happiness with this authentic glögg recipe.



- 1 bottle red wine (quality doesn’t matter)

- 1-2 sticks cinnamon

- 5g dried root ginger

- 5g dried Seville orange peel (or other orange if you can't get Seville)

- 7 green cardamom pods

- 15-16 whole cloves

- 80g/3oz sugar

To serve

- flaked almonds

- raisins

- splash of either vodka, aquavit, rum or cognac (optional)


- Pour the wine into a pan, add the rest of the ingredients and heat to around 80C/176F, stirring to dissolve the sugar.

- Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for at least an hour.

- Strain the mixture and return the mulled wine to the bottle - use a funnel to make life easier. The wine can be kept for around a week.

- To serve, pour the wine into a saucepan and heat it.

- Place a few flaked almonds and raisins in the bottom of your serving cups, and pour the glögg over the mixture.

- If you want to give your glögg a kick, add a splash of vodka, aquavit, rum or cognac just after you’ve reheated the wine.

- Enjoy - Skål x