conker tree

Bring the family outside into the amazingly colourful autumn nature and go look for conkers, otherwise known as horse chestnuts. Now there is an abundance of them in the woods. Bring a basket and gather as many as you can find, they are very suited and really pretty to use for decorations in your home this time of the year.

conker 3 conker 4

conker 5

Conkers are also the perfect base for some fun autumn craft projects with your children. To make some conker animals, you need:
A small awl, or something else that can bore small holes
Matches, or toothpicks
A marker pen
You can also use cotton wool, glitter and glue or whatever else you have in your craft box at home.

Make some small holes in the chestnut where you will place the matches or toothpicks. Use your imagination to create some cool creatures. If you are using matches, you can remove the sulphur bit, or leave it as is to look like the feet of the animal.
The fact that the toothpicks are more pointy makes them the perfect horns, and if you have some cotton wool you can add hair or maybe a fluffy tail to some of your critters. Glitter is always fun, and adds some glamour to your craft!

Finally use a marker pen to add some eyes, mouth or other decorations to your little bugs to give them some personality. Let your imagination run wild to create the cutest little figurines and animals.

conker 6 conker 7

conker 8 conker 9

Pile them up all together in a bowl, the more the prettier. Here we have placed some on our black trolley which is the perfect place to arrange a seasonal still life.

conker 10


Here are some nice ideas to display your finds:-

Small Deluxe White And Copper Bowl 

copper and white bowl

Ale Trolley With 2 Wooden Boxes


Green Metal Vase

green vase