Something old, something new & something bought from Bell & Blue! 

Quick! Panic! That wedding that you’ve been invited to all those months ago is nearly here, and not only do you have to buy a new outfit, book a hotel, sort out childminder/kennel (delete as appropriate!) and arrange a taxi to the venue but you also need to organise a present. And all you wanted was a nice dinner and a good dance with your friends!


Though Bell & Blue can’t help with an outfit (but don’t forget your Pip Studio Bath Robe!) or book a hotel for you, we’ve certainly got the present covered. For something extra special, the colourful and timeless Royal Pip Porcelain will be bringing a smile to the happy couple’s face for years to come where the range includes bags and a gorgeous duvet, perfect for the couple to snuggle up under on a lazy Sunday.  


For those couples that prefer a gritty Danish box-set, how about influence their home with some Danish style and we just love the Nordal range; the Copper Hurricane Lantern and wine glasses being a firm favourite here at the Bell and Blue HQ! The Nordal Ferns cabinet is also a great way for the newlyweds to display their gorgeous Pip porcelain!


So now you have the present sorted, go and put your glad rags on and enjoy the wedding, knowing that your gift will be bringing years of joy!