We were so excited to watch the beautiful remake of Beauty and the Beast and it got us thinking about all of the lovely Beauty’ful products we have in the range!   We all know the story - a young woman, Belle, is imprisoned in an enchanted castle by the fearsome Beast, a prince cursed by a sorceress as penance for his callousness where they fall in love and live happily ever after.  

Read on to channel your inner Belle here at Bell and Blue!


Our range of Royal Pip porcelain is perfect for this look.  With a Beauty and Beast inspired red rose, historic emblems, and refined golden details – this range is truly fit for your own palace.

mug teapot plate 

And don’t just stop at the dining table.  This beautiful design is also available in bedding.  Turn your bedroom in to a royal boudoir with this gorgeous duvet!


Who needs a real beast?  Our Essenza Beru Fur Throw adds a touch of luxury to your home.  The fake fur is soft and inviting, perfect for those cosy nights in!


This coat rack is perfect for this look.  Featuring beautiful birds and foliage, this would look right at home in your very own castle!


Again, featuring the notorious flowers symbolic in this film, this delightful printed pure silk scarf from Pip Studio will add a stylish touch to any outfit.  Ideal for any budding princess!


Finally, this Scented Bell Candle is reminiscent of the bell jar used to keep the enchanted rose.  Fill your room with the beautiful aroma of Jasmine and Sandalwood or Wonder.  Gorgeous!


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