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An Apple A Day!

Posted on in Blog by Kirsty Pollard

Apple harvest season is between August and October, depending on what variety of apple you have in your garden. The different kinds mature at different times so the best time to pick them varies.

 apple 1

Apple trees are excellent to use to cover boring walls or fences if you plant them to grow up a trellis. They are easily kept in place with some string or clips.

apple 2 apple 3

Plant different variety of apples in your garden to make sure you get consistently ripe apples throughout the fall. Some varieties are best enjoyed fresh and straight off the tree, others have better storage qualities.

 apple 5


When harvesting the apples, always handle the fruit gently to prevent unnecessary bruises and damage. Only perfect apples should be stored, sort through the apples as you pick them and remove cut or damaged apples straight away. You can use our wooden boxes for storing them, placing them in layers with some newspaper in between them. This way if an apple goes off, it wont spread to the other apples.  And the best item to store them in has to be our fantastic set of 3 wooden crates!  Stylish and practical!

If you have more apples than storage space, the surplus can be dried or frozen to be used in cakes later on throughout the winter. Or you can cook them up straight away and make apple chutney, marmalade, apple sauce or compote and store that in our preserving jars.

appl 6

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posted on 14/10/2016 15:22
Lovely Post!
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