We are proud to be retailing products which have been featured in top magazines, special appearances on tv adverts and regulars in programs including BBC1 Miranda, Eastenders and The Great British Bake Off, Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 4 Google Box and ITV Stepping Out. TV Adverts including The Teaser Maltesers advert, Aviva advert  and Boots advert and a whole host of magazines including Vogue and Cosmopolitan to name a few.

As seen on Channels 5 Celebrity Big Brother 2013, Essenza Evy duvet set with matching housewife pillowcases.

As seen on BBC ONE'S Miranda and Eastenders PiP Studio Single Chinese Rose Duvet set with matching housewife pillowcase.

As seen on the New Maltesers Tesers advert, PiP Studio Birds of Paradise set with matching housewife pillow cases.