A brewtiful review from one of our lovely Bell and Blue customers. Thank you Katie for taking the time out to send this to us!  

We are a nation of tea lovers, and I am definitely one of the gang. As I am getting older (and turning more into my Mum every day), I am enjoying trying a variety of flavours and wanting to share these with friends and family. However up until late my teapot let me down at social gatherings. It had become stained, the glaze cracked and the spout chipped making it pour mostly over the table rather than in my guest’s cup (one particular friend even started to bring her own teapot with her when she came to stay – oh the shame!). The day had come to invest in a new teapot.

Luckily Bell & Blue came to the rescue with a variety of gorgeous colours and shapes to choose from.  But how to choose?! The gorgeous shades of pinks and blue from the Pip Floral collection would brighten up my kitchen shelf, or the bold pattern of the Fantasy and Bloomingtales teapots would be eye catching in my white kitchen. The geometric pattern from the Tokyo Design would add a modern twist but in the end I opted for the stunning Pip Royal White teapot with its unusual shape and elegant motif.    

Now that my teapot is now the centre of attention, though it is making my mugs look a little old...perhaps a couple of the Royal Pip mugs wouldn’t go a miss...